忘れられゆく日本の良きモノ・古きモノ 今ある暮らしに溶け込んだら いつもの毎日はもっと楽しくもっと素敵に


[bico]という名前はビコロールという配色の名前からきています。 ビコロール配色は「コントラストが明快な2色配色」です。 「同じ系統でもなく、補色し合うでもなく、けれど調和する」そういった配色です。 現代には、たくさんの世界の物や次から次へと画期的な物が 生活を豊かにしたり楽しませてくれます。 けれどそんな中で忘れ去られて行ってしまうのが、日本の伝統的な物です。 bicoはビコロールの配色のように 日本に伝わる素晴らしい文化や素材の良さを 現代・世界の良き文化・素材と調和しながら伝えていきたい そんな2つの異なる物達が作り出す素敵な世界を目指しています。



2015/02/17-02/19 rooms 30 @国立代々木競技場 第一体育館

2014/09/05-09/07 New Jewelry -PLUS- @CLASKA TOKYO

2013/11/21-12/29 accessories made in TOKYO @D&DEPARTMENT TOKYO

2013/04/30-05/05 Foire de Paris @porte de Versailles,Paris,France

2012/12/05-12/09 Carrousel des métiers d'art et de création @Carrousel du Louvre,Paris,France


The good old things of modern Japanese that has been left behind… wouldn’t it be more pleasant and beautiful if it could blend into our daily lives today.


The name [bico] came from a color scheme Bicolore (French) or Bicolor (English) which means [having two clear colors]. It is a color scheme like… [Not the same systematic (method?), Not complementary but harmonized]

Today, many new epoch-making products from all over the world is made every day and makes our life affluent, and delightful However, behind those scene’s, many of the Japanese traditional products has been left behind. bico would like to pass on the beautiful culture and materials of Japan by harmonizing the modern and the world’s culture and materials as the color scheme. We are aiming a wonderful world of which will combine these two different modern and old fashion product to become as one.

Kyohei Sato

Education -Architect*Interior Design Technical School Professional Experience –Interior store (Store Manager) Establish [bico]

Chihiro Ura

While attending in senior high school under the guidance of Mrs.Satoko Sai, takes action in Fine Arts and Design. Starts her original brand and design, using etching (so called silk screen) soon after graduation senior high school. From 2009, takes high interest in KIRIE (Japanese paper-cut art) and starts producing products (works) taking in KIRIE’s. Thereafter, re-starts producing accessories and life items as [bico] brand. Takes charge of all [bico] designs and produces.